Currently, I am a junior photojournalism major at Ball State University in Indiana. I am pursing a double minor in sociology and travel and tourism. So far, I have worked with photographers as an intern in the past four years. I have been studying photography for around seven years now, including the internship. In addition to my work as an intern, I have worked as a freelancer and taken senior, graduation, and family portraits for payment. Between my freshman and sophomore year at Ball State, I participated in a travel abroad program focusing on travel writing in Italy.

I spent almost six weeks traveling across Italy and getting out of my comfort zone by talking to locals in the various cities I stayed in. This solidified my plans for the future because it helped me realize that what I want to do is possible and it isn’t quite as scary and far away as I initially thought. For the study abroad trip, I studied in a city called Macerata in the Marche region of Italy and I was able to travel around to Rome, Florence, Naples and a multitude of other places. I studied travel writing journalism while there but I made time for photography as well. 

Resume and references are available upon request. 

Rebecca Ruble in Teatro Rossi, Macerata, Marche, Italia.